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Your IP thoughts wanted

Industry minister, Senator Kim Carr, is calling for written submissions on proposed reforms to Australia’s intellectual property (IP) system.

“A strong and efficient IP system is a cornerstone of successful innovation. The proposed reforms are designed to help Australian innovators take their inventions to a global marketplace and encourage foreign investors to bring their new technology to Australia. This means growth both for our economy and our skilled workforce,” Carr said.

“The call for submissions provides a valuable opportunity for interested parties to contribute to the Government’s work in strengthening Australia’s innovation sector and boosting the nation’s economic prosperity.

“The multifaceted reforms aim to reduce barriers in the innovation landscape for researchers and inventors, allow patent claims to be resolved faster and strengthen penalties for counterfeiting and other serious forms of trade mark infringement.

“The Australian Government is committed to working with business and professionals to get the balance right so the IP system can better serve innovation in Australia.

“I encourage all stakeholders to make submissions and let their views be known. IP Australia is commencing consultation on two reform papers and will release further papers over the coming months,” Carr said.

Information on how to provide submissions along with the released reform proposals can be found on IP Australia’s website at

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