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Yingli Solar program to raise quality benchmark for Australia’s solar industry

World-leading solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer, Yingli Solar has introduced a new partner program, Yingli4You that aims to raise the quality benchmark for Australia’s solar PV industry.

Designed as an integrated educational, incentivised, technical and project management package, the Yingli4You Partner Program will support authorised Yingli Solar installers in raising quality standards within the solar PV industry. Participating installers get the tools, training and support from Yingli Solar, providing them competitive advantage as well as increased productivity and efficiency.

Business and residential customers will have the added assurance of working with installers who have received a high standard of training as well as increased supplier support and back-up from Yingli Solar.

Daman Cole, Managing Director for Yingli Green Energy in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific explains that solar PV installers face tremendous cost and time pressures, which will be alleviated by the Yingli4You Partner Program by providing the necessary support to streamline their operations and grow their businesses.

The Yingli4You Partner Program offers a two-pronged advantage – it will not only add value to their relationships with installers and improve their after-sales process, but also ultimately increase the confidence and assurance of residential and business customers who know they are investing in quality solar PV panels that are being installed by highly skilled installers.

Yingli Solar is simultaneously introducing an iPhone app (known as Y4U and available via iTunes) with a corresponding website to function as an integrated digital storage tool for all technical and site information and photography, facilitating streamlined project management.

Yingli Solar installers can use the Y4U app and website to maintain a database of installations, add location-based tags to installation images and orientation, and pitch image grabs; verify the compliance of a solar PV installation against Clean Energy Council (CEC) standards by logging Yingli inventory used through a barcode reader; and process product warranties online and verify the authenticity of Yingli Solar PV panels.

Designed to sync in real-time with back office functions, the Y4U app and website will eliminate the need for manual or additional data entry.

The Yingli4You Partner Program will help accredited installers maintain their professional development requirements through specialised annual training from Australia’s pioneering renewable energy training organisation, GSES, at no additional cost. On completion of this training, employees will receive up to 75 points that will go towards their CEC Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation renewal.

The Yingli4You Partner Program offers a service guarantee that compensates installers for their time to manage approved warranty claims, ultimately improving the level of support available to all customers.

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