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Wireless vehicle tracking offers ‘big brother’ capability

Manufacturers who aren’t using vehicle tracking and fleet management in their logistics processes are miss ing out on a competitive advan tage, according to Navman Wireless vice president Asia Pacific, Ian Daniel.

Vehicle tracking and fleet man agement offers high returns-on-investment for manufacturing facilities, as it allows them to locate and correct downtime in their distribution chains, Daniel claims.

“Accountability of stock is extremely important for manufac turers,” Daniel told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“Vehicle tracking and fleet management allows business-owners to see exactly where their goods and materials are, and when they arrive at the plant.”

However, Daniel estimates that the percentage of Australian industrial companies using wire less fleet management systems is lower than 10%.

Vehicle tracking systems such as Navman’s new M-Nav 760 can provide fully-integrated vehicle tracking, job dispatch messaging and satellite navigation in one package. Touchscreens, instant messaging, driver ID and Bluetooth are also features. Some systems can record and provide data on where logistics trucks and trailers are stopping, how long they are stopping for – and they can also provide detailed reports that collate this data in to trends for analysis.

Certain units can also track when on-the-road supply chain workers start their shift, and how long their breaks are.

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