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Whyalla school utilises locally produced steel

A new school that will equip students with the skills needed for the future will use entirely locally produced structural steel.

The school, located in Whyalla, South Australia, is a $100 million project, and will source 650 tonnes of structural steel from the Whyalla Steel Mill, at a purchase price of $3.5m.

Whyalla steelworks is owned by Infrabuild, formerly known as Liberty Primary Steel, a subsidiary of the Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG Alliance).

The new Whyalla high school will replace Edward John Eyre, Stuart, and Whyalla high schools and will cater for up to 1500 students, and is designed by Cox Architecture, in collaboration with Thomson Rossie. As SA Education Minister John Gardner outlined, the school is a major project for the region.

“This major project will deliver contemporary school infrastructure to South Australian students, create jobs in the local Whyalla community and contribute to South Australia’s economic growth,” said Gardner.

The school will continue a traditional of advanced technical education in Whyalla, which has continued since 1943 when the first Whyalla High School was established by BHP as a technical school for BHP’s apprentices.

“It will give secondary students in Whyalla the opportunity to learn skills in advanced technology and study in areas that have strong links to the local industry,” said Gardner.

The school forms part of a wider education precinct, between the UniSA and TAFE campuses in Whyalla Norrie. Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, noted that the school is part of an investment in the manufacturing capacity of the region.

“We have confidence in the future of Whyalla and we are supporting the region by investing in the local industry, and delivering the best possible school for local students,” he said.

The nature of the collaborative project was outlined by Liberty Primary Steel executive managing director, Jason Schnell.

“There will also be further synergies between our operations and the school, as we hope to leverage the facilities for elements of our GFG Foundation program.

“Orders such as this are vital for sustaining our existing operations and workforce, so it’s very encouraging that the State Government is choosing our product and supporting local business,” said Schnell.

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