Why Ninja® general purpose and cut gloves are popular with manufacturers

Gloves like the Ninja® Slash-Tec Cut DA-4 are extremely popular with manufacturers due to their lightweight nature & rated Cut D protection.

In the Australian market today, there are basic general-purpose gloves and then there are general-purpose gloves made with innovative materials that provide excellent long-term protection across a broader range of applications and environments, such as those required for manufacturing.

Just as important are these innovative gloves’ ability to feel like a second skin, and be breathable and comfortable enough for all-day wear.

These factors improve compliance and thereby reduce workplace injuries – many of which occur from workers doing general, seemingly innocuous tasks.

Gloves such as Ninja’s® Maxim Evolution Gloves include several ‘smart technology’ features such as a highly durable, yet lightweight inner liner that provides superior comfort and wicks moisture away keeping hands dry.

Other features of the Ninja® Evolution glove include touchscreen compatibility, plus a premium nitrile foam, a low shedding coating that offers both dexterity as well as good grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.

And for those manufacturers requiring gloves that offer durability, comfort, as well as cut protection, Ninja’s range of cut protection gloves is second to none.

Gloves such as the Ninja® Slash-Tec Cut DA-4 are proving extremely popular with manufacturers due to their lightweight nature and rated Cut D protection, while still offering exceptional dexterity for precision handling tasks.

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