Pilz, leading automation supplier, is driving the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, by investing heavily in the development and manufacture for Industry 4.0 ready products.

For over a decade Pilz has been extremely active in the domain of automation,  investing heavily in R&D activities in Germany to ensure it remains a leader in Industrial Automation.   Focusing on  producing high quality products and services to be used by the next wave of businesses planning to harness Industry 4.0 technology and take their manufacturing processes into the future.   Flexibility, modularity and networks are core elements of Industrie 4.0  and at the core of every new product Pilz designs.

Susanne Kunschert, Member of the Management Board of Pilz describes how the company sees Industrie 4.0 as an entirely organic process ‐ with enormous potential. (check out https://youtu.be/B3-jXDUB044)

Connected automation in manufacturing leads to a faster and more flexible production processes, greater efficiency of raw materials, reductions in complexity & downtime and improvements in Safety.

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