New 3M Speedglas G5-01TW Welding Helmet with Heavy-Duty PAPR

The all-new 3M Speedglas G5-01 TW Welding Helmet is a feature-packed, upgraded version of the hugely popular 9100 FX Air: available at the same price point. Whether you’re an existing Speedglas powered air user or have never experienced powered air before, the G5-01 TW will be of interest to you!
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The Pivotal Role of Edge AI in Manufacturing

Edge AI technology is changing the manufacturing landscape. With constant uncontrollable challenges posed by the supply chain, it is now more than ever that manufacturing businesses need to look at how they can leverage Edge AI technology. Read our new whitepaper to see how your business can sustain a competitive advantage by using Edge AI technology.
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material flow

Going with the material flow

The challenge of having to meet increased production demand whilst simultaneously saving costs and improving energy efficiency is shared by many facets of Australian industry.

At the backbone of industrial operations are asynchronous motors, which drive systems that produce and move raw material or finished goods. Historically, these motors require a lot of electricity to run, and lack flexibility.

This whitepaper discusses how the new IE3 classified AC motors from the SEW-EURODRIVE DRN series provide businesses with a compact, energy efficient and highly flexible drive solution, based on the company’s modular design principles.

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Smart industry workshop: Securing the digital factory

The modern factory needs to make use of sensor data to automate processes and remain commercially viable. But what are the costs? Where does an operation start? How do they scale? And more importantly, how can they keep their operational data and assets secure from external exposure and threats? 
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Achieving greater manufacturing productivity with an integrated ERP

Manufacturing adds value to the economy by combining raw materials with skills and capital investments. But by its very nature, the manufacturing industry is complex and so innovation is key. Customers have varying service requirements, and businesses change and grow. In order to keep up with the demands of the industry, the manufacturer must be flexible and efficient.

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The Speedglas Powered Air Training Academy (SPATA)

The Speedglas Powered Air Training Academy (SPATA) has launched in Australia and New Zealand to provide workplaces with a set of online video training modules to educate and train staff in line with the suggested syllabus set out in the Australian and New Zealand Standard 1715 for workers using respiratory protective equipment.
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