The Safe and Easy Fix for Noisy Workplaces

Effective communication between workers is vital to ensure the safe and efficient operation of industrial worksites. This 3M white paper shows how an efficient headset not only protects workers’ hearing but is an excellent tool for clear communications. 

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Ethercat Is For Everyone

There is a perception that EtherCat is only suitable for highly complex automation processes. However, this whitepaper shows as an example of a Victorian abattoirs illustrates, the protocol can and should be used in all types of operations, regardless of their size or level of complexity.

Wired For Success

The ‘mining boom’ represents one of the largest shocks to hit the Australian economy in generations. Despite the economic slowdown in the last few years, there has been no avoiding the exponential growth that the industry has gone through for the decade. This case study shows how construction and engineering solutions companies like Finco Engineering have been striving to ensure that maintenance services for growing mining companies are kept down with superior engineering support services.

How Australian Manufacturers Can Tackle Rising Energy Costs

It is no secret Australian manufacturers have been experiencing a tough time of late. The high Australian dollar, a tough international market and high commodity prices have all contributed to a prolonged period of difficult trading conditions. Among these high commodity prices, and perhaps having the biggest impact, is the significant rise in energy prices experienced since the turn of the century. This whitepaper shows how real electricity prices for manufacturing businesses have increased on average 60% since 2003 , and for energy-intensive manufacturing this has taken a heavy toll on production costs and profits.

Beyond Sales: Why Manufacturers Need to Look at CPQ through a New Lens

Many Australian Manufacturers may allow Business to Slip through Process Cracks. Even if the order is fulfilled to the customer’s expectations, there are still areas of efficiency and productivity that Australian manufacturers need to examine to ensure they are maximising the value of every sale. Download this free whitepaper to understand how manufacturers misunderstanding of Configure Price Quote could limit growth. This free whitepaper outlines how Manufacturers utilising correct “CPQ” software can get the order right first time every time maximising repeat business opportunities.

The Eyes and Ears of the Food and Beverage Industry

Australia’s food and beverage processing industries are worth approximately $26 billion to the economy and employ almost 235,000 people. It is a vital industry because it not only produces goods for the local market, it is also a net exporter of foodstuffs and beverages. When combined with the related industries of agriculture, forestry and fishing, then the figure balloons to almost $54 billion. This whitepaper shows how Backplane’s ViTAM series of Panel PCs, and the ARCHMI series of HMIs from Aplex can help your food plant maintain optimum performance.

Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions

This whitepaper shows how Bosch’s engineers from the Manufacturing Solutions division are highly skilled at understanding the entire lifecycle of a project, starting at its genesis and can help you implement better manufacturing solutions.

Bridging The Gap Between Truck and Loading Bay: How The Right Dock Leveller Optimises Your Supply Chain

Warehouses and distribution centres are becoming increasingly important. In Australia, while service related sectors are booming, manufacturing continues to decrease. This decrease has meant more goods are being imported. These goods are then stored in distribution centres and deployed to locations across the country. To underline this development, Deloitte has published a report, which shows a 3.49% higher growth of the transport and logistics industry in Australia than its global equivalent.

This whitepaper explains the four key elements you need to consider when purchasing a dock leveller to optimise your warehouse’s supply chain.

Ensuring Structural Integrity of Pipelines

Pipeline integrity is essential to Australian manufacturing. There are 33,000km of pipelines in Australia so ensuring they are well maintained and structurally sound are the highest priorities for Australian manufacturers. This whitepaper shows how Bestech’s technology helps manufacturers detect technical problems as they occur, saving manufacturers time and money.

How To Save With Wholesale Energy Purchasing

This whitepaper shows how companies can save on their wholesale energy purchasing how to make that possible and how to achieve maximum savings on their energy. With PG Energy, your business can start paying significantly lower energy rates by accessing wholesale market prices.

Warehouse Supply Solutions from Signet – Download Free Informative Infographic

Running a warehouse is a complex operation. From the delivery and despatch of goods, to maintaining a clean bathroom and lunchroom, all warehouses need to have the right consumables to be productive and run efficiently.

Signet is the right choice when it comes to warehouse supply solutions. With a diverse range of products, including Cardboard Boxes & Tapes, Stationery, Jiffy Bags, Safety Wear and Cleaning Supplies, Signet can help can you consolidate your ordering to save you time and money, so you can focus on running your warehouse.

Signet have a variety of helpful resources to assist you with your warehouse needs. Click here for more information.

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Don’t Let A Failed Encoder Bring Down Production

Encoders are an important part of production in many industries, acting as feedback transducers for; motor speed control, sensors for measuring, cutting and positioning, and as input for speed and rate controls. This whitepaper shows that, as a result of a competing global economy and growing technologies, the worldwide market for encoders has expanded to provide solutions that meet every user’s motion monitoring and control need.

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Thales’ Back Office Benefits From Cincom’s Control ERP

The global economy demands small to large sized businesses have a cost effective and coordinated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Businesses without an effective ERP solution have disparate operations, face information silos and communication problems between business functions.

Using the example of the manufacturer, Thales Underwater Systems, this whitepaper shows how Cincom’s Control Enterprise Resource Planning Solution can help your company bring its ERP operations in-house to reduce costs, improve cyber security and front and back office coordination.

Troubleshooting 4 to 20 mA Process Control Systems Without Breaking The Loop

Anyone who works in any kind of manufacturing plant knows that nothing can ruin a day faster than unscheduled downtime. The lost production time means lower output, which can have a sizable price tag. In a process plant that lost productivity can be magnified because an entire batch of a product could be ruined if the outage occurs at a critical point in the process. This whitepaper shows how Fluke’s clamp metre can help your process control systems work smoothly.