NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’s NSD tupH gets the thumbs up from a world-renowned company in the food industry

As a household name in both the local and international market, a renowned food company well known for their range of sauces, soups, stocks and juices, looked to a high-quality supplier to meet its stringent automation requirements.

With manufacturing demand on the rise, the company went in search of a geared motor designed to best withstand high frequency and high pressure washdown cycles. Not looking to just any supplier, they needed robust geared motors to match their stringent application requirements for conveyor and mixers in the hygienic wash down area.

Finding a reliable solution was no easy task as the gear drives in an environment such this tend to have a shortened service life and their painted surfaces do not last. In a search for a like-minded supplier, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS came to mind. 

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