LOCTITE® new wear resistant compound

wear resistant

Wearing compounds are polymer composite products that combine superior wear resistant abrasive ceramic fillers with high adhesion impacting two-part epoxy technology.

A new wear resistant compound, LOCTITE® PC 7332TM, has been developed and launched recently for high wear areas of processing equipment in power generation, mining, and steel plant applications such as desulfurisation pumps and ducts, slurry pumps and slag granulation pumps to protect against severe wet abrasion.

LOCTITE® PC 7332TM is a room temperature curable two-part silicon carbide filled epoxy product. Its abrasion resistance was measured by dry abrasion test, slurry abrasion test, Miller slurry test and gas jet erosion test at different conditions. Test results are discussed and compared with both existing wearing compounds and other protective coating products. Its product properties and key features are also described.

Download the Henkel whitepaper below for more information.