LOCTITE Hybrid adhesives aim for best of both worlds

Henkel Australia and New Zealand has announced its recent advancement in hybrid adhesive technologies – LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders which have been developed to combine the high speed of an instant adhesive with the bonding strength of a structural adhesive.

The patented hybrid technologies bring four great addition into LOCTITE’s structural bonding range: LOCTITE HY 4090, LOCTITE HY 4080, LOCTITE HY 4070 and LOCTITE HY 4060 GY. They’re formulated to meet the rising demands in assembly design and maintenance repair for:

  • High performance structural bonding
  • Multi-surface structural bonding
  • Dissimilar substrate structural bonding
  • Low hazard structural adhesives

Expanding your Design Solutions – LOCTITE HY 4090 and LOCTITE HY 4080

LOCTITE HY 4090 has a high viscosity and is an off-white to light yellow gel. The fixture time is 90 – 180 secs and it’s suitable for gaps up to 5 mm. LOCTITE HY 4090 provides high moisture, temperature (up to 150 °C) and UV resistance which is great for outdoor applications. It also resistant to vibration, shock loads and impacts.

LOCTITE HY 4080 GY is a 2-part, grey, cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid structural adhesive providing toughness and excellent adhesion to metals, composites and plastics. It provides fast fixture at room temperature and high operational strength within the first hour. It has good resistance to peel and impact loads while maintaining high shear strength over a wide range of temperatures and larger gaps.

Essential maintenance repair tools – LOCTITE HY 4070 and LOCTITE HY 4060 GY

LOCTITE HY 4070 is a 2-part, transparent, cloudy colorless to pale yellow cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid gel adhesive that provides an ultra-fast fixture at room temperature in bond gaps up to 0.2 in (5 mm). Its gel consistency prevents adhesive flow, even on vertical surfaces. It suits various substrates including most plastics, rubbers and metals. It is used where complete cure of excess adhesive as well as temperature and moisture resistance, is required. The compact packaging design also provides four convenient mixing nozzles which make LOCTITE HY 4070 essential for every tool box.

LOCTITE HY 4060 GY is a two component, general purpose structural adhesive that provides a high strength combined with fast fixture at room temperature. LOCTITE HY 4060GY provides good temperature and moisture resistance which also makes it suitable for applications in high temperature/humidity environments. It is designed to bond a variety of substrates including metals, most plastics and rubbers. This product is ready-to-use and can be dispensed directly from the pack without additional equipment. Most importantly, the product is machinable after cure.

Limitless Bonding

LOCTITE products provide solutions across the whole spectrum of adhesive technologies and manufacturing processes. They are used in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical and many manufacturing industries.

The LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders will find applications within those markets and reach beyond the conventional industry approaches. On the other side, the manufacturers will need to work at how to maximise the benefits of the added moisture resistance, the better gap filling properties, the high vibration resistance and so forth. That can only be good news for an industry that is going through tough times and facing global competition. The combination of speed and strength that LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders offer promises to bring sought after cost and efficiency benefits. The possibilities are limitless.

For more information, contact Henkel to learn more about LOCTITE Hybrids adhesives and Henkel’s broad array of structural bonding solutions.

LOCTITE Technical Hotline: 1300 885 556

Email: loctite.enquiries@henkel.com



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