Introducing Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction: Game changing technology


On-gun fume extraction is too heavy, too bulky, and can impact the shielding gas… not anymore!

AWS have partnered with Translas to launch a range of lightweight, ergonomic extraction guns that deliver the highest capture rate on the market (up to 98 per cent), while leaving the shielding gas completely unaffected.

On-gun fume extraction is one of the most effective methods of controlling welding fume. No other solution captures fume at the source, removes it from the environment, and follows the welder as they move.

Translas have done what no-one else could:

  • Highest capture rate on the market (up to 98 per cent);
  • Leaves the shielding gas completely unaffected;
  • Lightest fume gun on the market (lighter than many standard welding guns);
  • 100 per cent duty cycle; and
  • Low maintenance with self-cleaning, and much more.

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