Wheels to last the distance

Melbourne-based manufacturer Richmond Wheel & Castor Co speaks about how the company continues to deliver quality products to meet increased local demand.

Founded in 1958 Richmond Wheel & Castor Co commenced a family-owned steel trading business in Melbourne. Shortly afterwards they successfully expanded into manufacturing material handling and custom solution products.

Richmond’s willingness to be innovative and adaptable has provided opportunities during economic downturns, thus cementing their position as a proven market leader in polyurethane engineering, design, and manufacturing of custom rollers for industrial businesses.

As the world is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic many Australian manufacturing businesses are navigating their way through the next normal using this opportunity to develop innovative solutions, products, and process.

Manufacturing is critical to Australia’s economic future, to the prosperity of our regions, and to the capabilities that underpin the success of so many other industries. The Australian workforce is highly skilled and adaptable, and during the COVID-19 crisis, the importance of Australian-made was highlighted with the ability to trade internationally.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co CEO, Breon Winslow-Moore, said the state-of-the-art machinery utilised by our manufacturing experts allows a fast turnaround, without jeopardising quality. “Richmond are genuine polyurethane engineering experts and market leaders in the design and manufacturing of wheels and rollers,” he said.

The increased popularity has led to an increasing demand for local manufacturing, which has seen Richmond Wheel & Castor Co introduce a second polyurethane machine that can process up to 1000kg of polyurethane material a day and a conveyor roller press that can produce over 1000 rollers a day. “We’re seeing an upsurge in the production of specialised engineered heavy-duty industrial wheels, castors, heavy-duty industrial trolley products, custom manual handling materials and goods for large infrastructure products like road and infrastructure construction,” production manager Tom Murphy said.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co are specialists in polyurethane engineering, design, and manufacturing of custom rollers for industrial businesses in standard or FRAS (Fire Retardant & Anti-Static) material grades. Image credit: Richmond Wheel & Castor

Engineering plastics requires an experienced team who specialise in the design and manufacturing of practical turnkey solutions. Richmond Wheel & Castor Co understand the importance of developing a tailored in-house designed solution that meets all ISO9001 Australian standards and quality, at no extra cost. With a strong emphasis on building good customer relationships from concept to completion, this service sets Richmond apart from their competitors.

From the initial in-house design concept, Richmond takes the time to understand all customer requirements, allowing for a smooth, fast, and seamless production of tailored materials handling requirements. With the specialised team and machinery onsite locally, Richmond takes their customers on a journey to develop the most cost-effective and optimum solution to meet any customer requirements.

Whether your business is big, small, or global, Richmond have products to meet and exceed your requirements. On a domestic scale, Richmond has a complete range of materials handling products suited to your factory, warehouse, home or office, as well as heavy duty industry. What Richmond prides themselves on is quality. Only the highest quality products leave their manufacturing plant, and they only stock the best. When you make a purchase from Richmond it’s a purchase that will last the distance. Robust, functional, and heavy duty are words you will find commonly associated with our products.

Richmond Wheel & Castor Co is a prime example of how the federal government’s investment in growing Australian businesses is helping manufacturers showcase their superior quality and customer service in the highly competitive global markets.

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