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What manufacturers can learn from Apple’s iPhone 6

Apple’s recent announcement about the release of its new products, including the iPhone 6, iPad 2 and the Apple watch, had people queuing for hours – even days – to get their hands on the latest gadget.

To technology geeks, Apple is a chart-topping rock star, giving people what they want before they even know they want it.

We’re not suggesting those in the manufacturing game should be just like Apple – that would be next to impossible. But there is something in those tiny technologies that manufacturers can learn a lot from.

People need user-friendly mobile technology
Among the many upgrades Apple has made to its iPhone 6, ease of use and app scalability have been some of the most useful.

Just as Apple has built additional app functionalities that help users order their daily lives, manufacturers must employ solutions that provide employees with the same mobile accessibility and ease of use. With MES mobile applications, data is made available anywhere, anytime, regardless of physical location, providing real-time insight into operational and business performance.  

Remote access & control
Just as the latest iPhone model can split its screen, allowing you to remotely access your desktop computer – or multiple computers from anywhere on your phone or iPad – MES systems and applications can do the same for manufacturers.

MES systems can integrate with other enterprise systems to operate across multiple function areas for increased efficiency and visibility.

A web-based MES system can allow for data transfer, data storage and control functionalities for all production processes – all from the one device.

Remember the ‘find my iPhone’ app? It’s now even better on the iPhone 6. When the phone battery gets critically low, the device will send one last message about its current location to you before it shuts down, leaving you a clue for where you might find it.

Traceability in manufacturing is more advanced than anything the iPhone could offer, but the principles are still the same.

As standards get ever more stringent and profit margins are squeezed to within an inch of their lives, the demand for better traceability, improved systems for product recall and recorded information about each product as it moves along the production line will be critical to efficiency, quality control and reputation.

IFM – ahead of the game
IFM’s LINERECORDER MES system is a modular and scalable software product that can be used in any combination on individual machines, lines, manual workstations or throughout entire sites.

The LINERECORDER software, made up of 15 web-based apps, can be used to calculate quantitative and qualitative parameters throughout production and can assist with process optimisation, reduced production costs, evaluation and assurance of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and traceability.

Key benefits for manufacturers include:

•        Process optimisation
•        Traceability
•        Quality control
•        Order and process control
•        Knowledge transfer
•        Material monitoring
•        Maintenance management
•        Calculation of MDA / OEE
•        ERP connectivity

For information on how IFM’s LINERECORDER MES software can improve planning and material management, process control and order management and traceability, click here for more information on the different modules.

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