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Western Victoria to get a new 40MW wind farm

The government of Victoria has given planning permission to a 40MW wind project as a step that supports its renewables goals.

Victoria aims to reach a 25 per cent renewables production share by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025. The local government expects about $9 billion in wind and solar investments by the end of its Renewable Energy Target programme in 2025.

The approval for the 40MW project, proposed by NewEn Australia, was announced by the state minister for planning Richard Wynne on Thursday.

The Wonwondah wind farm, also known as Rifle Butts WEF Project, will use 13 turbines that will be installed near Wonwondah North, Western Victoria. Construction is slated to begin early next year.

“This site has been chosen because it receives undisturbed wind flow with strong, consistent wind speeds near the existing electrical grid,” minister Wynne said.

The project is expected to create 120 jobs during the construction phase, while up to four time full-time positions will be opened throughout the plant’s operation.

The output of the wind park is seen to be enough to meet the demand of around 25,000 households annually.


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