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Western Sydney company wins solutions distributor of the year award

Western Sydney-based Warehouse by Design has won this year’s Colby Storage Solutions Distributor of the Year Award.

Accepting the award, Warehouse by Design Principal, Greg Taylor  said the competitive pressures in the storage equipment market were the tightest he has experienced in his 12 years representing Colby.

“Over the past couple of years, we have all had to work smarter and fight harder to stay ahead of our competitors. Everyone at Warehouse by Design is thrilled to receive the national honour,” Taylor said.

“To win Colby’s award in our best ever year in such a competitive marketplace makes it all the more gratifying,” he said.

Despite market conditions remaining competitive, the company enjoyed a 30% increase in sales last year.

However Taylor said the figure they’re most proud of is that around 80 per cent of the sales came from repeat business. An achievement the company believes has a lot to do with their customer and service-driven attitude.

“When a customer needs us to pull out the stops, we literally shed blood, sweat and tears to make sure it happens and our customers appreciate our dedication and commitment to delivering on time, on budget,” Taylor said.

“With Colby Storage Solutions being part of logistics systems supplier Dematic, we also get access to some of the best engineers in the country.

“Working closely with our customers and Dematic’s structural engineering design team, we are able to offer a variety of smart and cost-effective solutions to increase storage system capacity and ensure a safe workplace.”

Dematic’s general manager for storage squipment, Tony Woodlock said Warehouse by Design was recognised because of its achievement in what has been another tough year for the storage equipment industry.

“Over the past three years storage equipment sales have been on a roller coaster ride mainly due to the GFC,” Woodlock, said.

“Fortunately, the outlook for the storage equipment market in NSW has improved, with the market almost doubling over the past year.

“Confidence is also slowly returning to the spec-built warehouse construction market, and prospects for the next couple of years are looking good, barring any further major global financial crisis.”

Colby storage equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia by Dematic, a global supplier of logistics and materials handling solutions.

Warehouse by Design is a supplier of warehousing and storage system requirements.

Image: Greg Taylor, Principal of Warehouse by Design.

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