Welding solutions available to assist manufacturers attain ISO 3834-2 standard

Welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi, has developed a portfolio of welding solutions to assist local manufacturers with welding operations achieve the ISO 3834-2:2005 standard.

As the first manufacturer of welding solutions in the world to be certified to ISO 3834-2, Kemppi is in a position to assist firms in meeting these requirements.

The ISO 3834-2 standard enables the highest level of certification attainable by manufacturers wishing to demonstrate that they have a certified level of welding quality management in place within their operations.

Meeting the ISO 3834-2 standard is becoming mandatory within Europe for specific European sectors for structural fabrication from 1st July 2014.

It is also gaining increasing importance within Australasia, both for domestic welding operations and for companies operating overseas.

According to Chris Smallbone, WTIA Industry Advocate, Australian manufacturers need greater support to compete with the increasing number of European, Chinese, African and other country manufacturers achieving certification to the International Institute of Welding Manufacturers Certification Scheme According to ISO 3834.

"The process of achieving ISO 3834-2 certification is not onerous for manufacturers, but the importance of accurately and quickly meeting requirements would not be lost on manufacturing management," said Chris Smallbone, WTIA Industry Advocate.

"Apart from the need to comply to be able to do business with more companies, certification does also deliver real and tangible benefits. It helps firms improve productivity, reduce the need for rework and build the bottom line," added Smallbone.

Based upon its own experience of implementing ISO 3834-2 within its manufacturing operations, Kemppi has developed an initiative called Total Welding Quality Management (TWQM) which includes a portfolio of solutions to assist local Australian organisations with welding operations meet the requirements of ISO 3834 – AS/NZS 3834.

'Kemppi is a pioneer in the global welding industry and has long been at the fore in developing state-of-the-art welding equipment solutions. Our attainment of ISO 3834 certification is a salute to our commitment in innovation and developing quality solutions. We are well placed and pleased to be able to assist Australian manufacturing firms achieve ISO 3834," said David Green, Managing Director, Kemppi Australia.

"Our portfolio of TWQM solutions has been designed to provide flexibility and capability for manufacturing firms wishing to achieve ISO 3834-2 certification. Regardless of the firm's current welding quality management status, these solutions will support them to achieve the pre-requisites required for ISO 3834-2," added Green.

Kemppi's portfolio of TWQM solutions is comprehensive and modular. It includes the following tools:

  • ARC Q – a system based upon the requirements of ISO 3834 welding quality management to monitor and manage the quality of welding, including deviations against pre defined WPS in real time and pre qualify welder operative qualifications and welding material specifications with full reporting of data.
  • ARC Info – a data capture system to ascertain the actual parameters of a welding system in real time and display them for analysis.
  • Arc Validator – a validation system to ensure welding equipment is operating at the desired welding parameters set by a company's own quality control system and includes a certification generation facility.
  • Standard WPS – WPS is available for Mig/Mag and all MMA welding machines, facilitating
  • simple set up of welding procedures meeting the requirements of the EN1090-2.

Kemppi's WISE Solutions are a family of software products that allow the welding process to be tailored to the work at hand. It customises the welding equipment to help the user achieve a level of quality that otherwise would be unattainable with the standard Mig/Mag welding process.

In addition, Kemppi offers full welding consultation, co ordination and user training support around welding solutions within the context of achieving ISO 3834 welding quality management standard.

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