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Weld field immune sensors

BALLUFF has introduced a family of products that significantly increases the life expectancy of sensors and connector components in harsh weld cell environments.

The harsh environment present in weld cells presents multiple challenges to the effective use of sensors. The electromagnetic fields generated in the cell can cause conventional sensors to false trip.

Balluff weld field immune sensors are specifically designed to operate within these fields without false tripping.

Loading impact also causes many issues with premature sensor failure. Armed with a one-piece gun drilled stainless steel housing, SteelFace sensors can take multiple hits and still function properly.

For protection from more intense physical damage, Balluff Bunker Blocks combined with Balluff Prox Mounts will offer further protection.

Sensor failure due to high ambient heat and slag, can be dramatically reduced by using Balluff SlagMaster coated sensors.

This proprietary coating, developed by Balluff, can be applied to inductive proximity sensors with virtually no sensor performance degradation, allowing the sensor to resist weld slag build-up, high heat, and mechanical damage.

An often overlooked problem in weld cells is the accepted high failure rate of connector cables. TPE jacketed cables have shown to have excellent life in weld cells; however, there have been recent advancements that extend the life of cables even further.

Balluff’s new Weld Repel silicone jackets and wrap shed slag with ease and protect cabling from ambient heat up to 500°C. By coupling a TPE cable with Balluff’s new Weld Repel jackets and wrap, the life of connectivity products can be dramatically expanded.


Significantly increase the life expectancy of sensors and connector components.

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