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Weld Australia’s new learning resources gaining rapid industry uptake and positive feedback

Weld Australia has recently launched new suite of learning resources for the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package which is gaining rapid industry uptake and positive feedback.  

Weld Australia designed and created the resources for delivery of the 12 welding and fabrication units of competency in the Manufacturing and Engineering (MEM) Training Package. 

Weld Australia worked closely with TAFE to develop the resources, with some TAFE’s already permanently adopting them.  

South Metropolitan TAFE in Fremantle, Western Australia was the first training organisation to facilitate an official pilot – feedback from staff and students was positive. 

Jonathon Maile, executive director – engineering, transport and defence, South Metropolitan TAFE, says that the resources have been positive for student learning. 

“The resources have been terrific, not only for our team here at South Metro TAFE, but we’ve also upheld these and shared these with some external customers as well. So, from a quality perspective, the resources have been tremendous.” he said.  

Weld Australia’s MEM resources intend to reimagine the learning process with a new interface, diversified delivery methods, and audited and accurate material. The new MEM resources can be accessed online and through mobile phones.   

“We’re able to utilise these training resources in class to support lecturers. If apprentices miss classes, they can access the resources and catch up a lot more quickly than trying to reschedule another block later on.” Maile said.  

Brenda Micale, general manager, training services at South Metropolitan TAFE, says that they have received positive feedback from their industry partners as well. 

 “It’s great when I go out to Rockingham, the Thornley and Naval Base campuses where fabrication is taught and you can see apprentices engaging with the technology,” she said.

“They’re able to download it onto their mobile phones, they can play the videos, its interactive.” 

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