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Weld Australia calls on government for new mandates

Weld Australia is calling on the government to mandate: a minimum of 60 per cent local content by kilogram of steel for every wind tower.

Weld Australia is calling on the Federal Government to mandate: a minimum of 60 per cent local content by kilogram of steel for every wind tower erected in Australia; and that every wind tower erected in Australia is constructed, erected and inspected according to Australian Standards.

China has agreed to review its tariffs on Australian wine after a breakthrough in negotiations over the weekend. Prime Minister Albanese announced that Australia and China had agreed to suspend their long-running World Trade Organization dispute while Beijing undertakes an “expedited review” of duties, which is expected to take five months.

Beijing slapped trade sanctions on $20 billion worth of Australian products at the height of a diplomatic feud in 2020, including tariffs of between 107 per cent and 212 per cent on Australian wine.

However, at the same time, the Anti-Dumping Commission quietly released a report recommending that tariffs on Chinese wind towers expire on 16 April 2024—the Federal Government appears to be sacrificing wind towers for wine.

According to Geoff Crittenden (CEO, Weld Australia), “The lifting of China’s tariffs on Australian wine is most certainly welcome news for our economy; Australian wine exports to China were valued at more than $1 billion before the tariffs were put in place. That figure has plunged to just $12 million over the last two years.”

“However, the success of Australia’s local wine industry cannot come at the cost of manufacturing. The Albanese Government has repeatedly confirmed that Australia’s transition to renewable energy is a prime opportunity to revitalise manufacturing. The Federal Government has confirmed that sovereign manufacturing capability is strategically important, and that Australia cannot continue to rely on overseas supply chains,” Crittenden said.

“And yet, suspending the tariffs on Chinese wind tower imports demonstrates just how heavily the Federal Government is willing to compromise.”

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