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Weigh scale module

SCALE Components, distributor for Hardy Instruments, has introduced the HI 1746-WS weigh scale module.

Easily plugs-in to the backplane of an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series processor.

The HI 1746-WS is specifically designed to work with an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 series processor.

The module is a self-contained microprocessor-based I/O, with control inputs and outputs, designed to be easily plugged into the backplane of an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/02, 5/03, 5/04 or 5/05 programmable controller.

The HI 1746-WS module can be used for a wide variety of process weighing applications such as batching/blending, filling/dispensing, check weighing, force measurement, level by weight, and weight rate monitoring.

The module can control two relays via two TTL level outputs and transmits data via the back plane to the SLC. The 20-bit analogue-to-digital converter in the weigh module controller updates 100 times per second and is capable of 985,000 counts of display resolution.

This gives the instrument the ability to tolerate large ‘dead’ loads, over-sizing of load cells/sensors, and still have sufficient resolution to provide accurate weight measurement and control.

The HI 1746-WS is IT-enabled which means the module has a built in IT excitation monitor to detect load cell problems and, with the addition of the optional HI 215IT Junction Box, the user can use the other IT functions for fault isolation troubleshooting of the weighing system.

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