Webinar: A no fail recipe to fix bottlenecks in food and beverage manufacturing

As a food and beverage manufacturer, you operate on small batches and at high speed; with short expiry times and tight timelines. But with the need to be cost competitive, even relatively minor bottlenecks can have a significant impact on productivity.

Your factory may have issues complying to food and beverage regulations. Lack of supply chain visibility may be impacting your ability to control costs. Production might be disrupted by shortages of raw materials. Revenue may be lost due to excessive manufacturing waste.

If any part of the system is underperforming, it artificially limits your productivity and profitability.

You’re invited to join our Live Panel Discussion and Q&A webinar with Mike Wheeler, Editor of Food & Beverage Industry News, Roger Landman Product Operations Manager at SYSPRO, and Sukesh Ned at Turnaround Services Global, a SYSPRO partner, to discuss the topic of: A no fail recipe to fix bottlenecks in food and beverage manufacturing.

Webinar Topics include:

  • A repeatable process to find and fix bottlenecks
  • Securing your supply chain
  • Solving food and beverage’s unique scheduling challenges
  • How to master demand-driven forecasting
  • Automate to be ready for Industry 4.0
  • The role of SYSPRO ERP
  • Customer experience

When: Wednesday 12th August, 3pm-4pm AEST.


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