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Web server control module

ROCKWELL Automation has introduced a new web server module for its Allen-Bradley CompactLogix family of controllers.

Streamlined access to machine diagnostics and system data.

The Allen-Bradley 1768-EWEB module provides OEMs and users with streamlined access to machine diagnostics and system data.

It allows straightforward network connectivity and web capabilities for simplified remote data-monitoring, data-sharing and troubleshooting for small- to medium-sized applications.

The new 1768-EWEB module enables users to view plant-floor data via web pages, receive alarm notifications via e-mail and share system data with external applications using ‘extensible mark-up language’ (XML) data.

It can also be used as a communication module and supports bridging of EtherNet/IP messages to and from the controller.

With the 1768-EWEB module, machine builders can create custom web pages containing control system data and set different access levels for groups of users.

Authorised operators can access information on any computer with internet access and a standard web browser. Regardless of access level, all users will draw from the same data source.

The 1768-EWEB module provides 2MB of space to store custom web pages and documents such as drawings and user manuals.

Users benefit from having quick and easy access to system-related information on the plant floor, saving valuable time when troubleshooting a problem on the line.

In addition, they will have improved visibility into production processes to help make better real-time decisions, resulting in lower operating costs, increased quality and better productivity.

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