Wear-resistant sliding and free designing with igus plate strips

Abrasion-resistant iglidur sliding plates made of high-performance plastics provide even more geometric design options

Wear-resistant parts ordered quickly, easily and individually manufactured with increased service life. Treotham offers this service, among other things, with its igus bar stock product range.

To provide users with even more tribologically optimised special solutions, Treotham now offers five high-performance plastics resistant to wear and abrasion as bar stock plate strips in its product range. These provide the designer with new geometric design freedom.

High-performance igus plastics from Treotham are in demand wherever freedom from lubricant, corrosion and maintenance is required.

Be it in the glass industry, food technology or special mechanical engineering. Treotham already has more than 50 high-performance igus polymers as plain bearings in the product range, for a wide variety of applications.

The specialist also offers 27 of its materials as bar stock. Customers can use the high-performance polymers to mill custom solutions and small batches themselves or order them from Treotham.

In order to give users even more design freedom in terms of geometry when designing their wear-resistant special solution, Treotham now also offers five of its materials as highly abrasion-resistant plate strips.

In addition to the classic iglidur W300 and the cost-effective J4, the FDA-compliant iglidur A500 material as well as the high-temperature endurance runner C500 and iglidur J350, the specialist for temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius, complete the range. All sliding plates are offered by Treotham with a 15 millimetre thickness and 160 millimetre width.

Lubrication-free high-performance plastics for sliding solutions

The new plate strips are used, for example, as sliding surfaces made of the high-performance plastic iglidur W300 in abrasive environments in the glass industry. Here, the material impresses with its wear resistance and freedom from maintenance.

Special solutions made from the iglidur A500 plate material are available, for example, in the form of slide rails in the food, packaging and semiconductor industries. Here, the chemical-resistant material, in addition to its FDA approval, boasts a high temperature resistance.

In contrast, iglidur C500 is especially suitable for applications where aggressive media and extreme temperatures of between-100 and +250 degrees Celsius prevail. For example, design engineers in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals can resort to a chemical-resistant solution.

The sliding plates are manufactured by igus in Cologne in a newly built production facility. Due to the in-house development and production, further iglidur materials will be available in the future as plate strips in different thicknesses and lengths up to two metres.