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Warning packaging tapes

Signet’s Own range of Warning Tapes serve two key functions: they can be used as a regular packaging tape to seal cardboard boxes, and also advise of special handling instructions that goods may require.

The tapes have a number of different messages to ensure that correct procedures are followed, so goods remain intact and are not damaged in transit.

Key features and benefits of the warning tapes include:

That they fit most standard tape dispensers due to their size, being 48mm x 66m (excluding “Please Freeze on Arrival” and “Cold Chain – Refrigerate on Receipt” tapes)

Can replace regular packaging tape, as it is ideal for sealing cartons and packages in your office, factory or warehouse

Warning Tape promotes careful handling of your goods and decreases the chance of goods being ruined, usually the result of rough handling in transit

The fluoro orange tape has strong black print, making it easier to read in busy despatch and transit environments

Vibrant blue and red print on the white printed tapes stands out, ensuring safe handling

Available messages on warning tapes:

White Warning Tape – “Do not break down pallet”, “Fragile”, “Security Seal”, “Top Loading Only” and “Please Freeze on Arrival”

Fluoro Orange Warning Tape – “Fragile”, “Glass with Care”, “Handle with Care”, “Security Seal”, “Top Loading Only” and “Cold Chain Refrigerate on Receipt”

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