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WA commits to research into hydrogen and natural gas blending

The West Australian government has awarded $1.68 million to feasibility studies for the production and use of renewable hydrogen.

The funding comes from the Renewable Hydrogen Fund, and covers projects that investigate the use of hydrogen alongside natural gas as an energy source for industrial projects.

“These feasibility studies will facilitate significant private sector investment and leverage financial support for a job-creating renewable hydrogen industry in WA,” said Regional Development Minister, Alannah MacTiernan.

One of the feasibility studies, will look into whether hydrogen can flow along the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. Currently the pipeline transports natural gas from the north of WA, where it is extracted, to industrial and metropolitan centres in the south of the state.

Other projects look to power transportation through renewable hydrogen. The City of Cockburn received $149,000 in funding to determine how solar hydrogen production could power the council’s waste collection and light vehicle fleets. Combined with local content requirements, projects of this kind could open up opportunities for Australian manufacturers to be part of a hydrogen vehicle supply chain, with an established local market.

Further projects include those covering remote power generation opportunities, and producing hydrogen from hydroelectricity.

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