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WA to establish hydrogen industry council

The Western Australian government has announced that it will establish a council to support the development of a renewable hydrogen industry in the state.

The Renewable Hydrogen Council will comprise of experts from the private and public sectors, and will provide guidance on the progression and development of the hydrogen industry in WA. It is to report to the state government on its findings and recommendations early next year.

Premier Mark McGowan said that the planned council would help the state innovate and diversify its approach to clean energy, and that a thriving hydrogen industry would grow export potentials and create jobs.

“As the world continues to transition to a low-emissions future, it is increasingly apparent that hydrogen can play an important role,” McGowan said. “WA can be central to that future.”

Over 300 national and international delegates attended Renewable Hydrogen Conference to discuss and explore opportunities to develop the hydrogen sector in the state.

A clean-burning fuel, hydrogen when made using renewable energy is a carbon free fuel from production to utilisation. It can be used for local industries as well as exported for use abroad.

Japan and Korea have ear-marked hydrogen to play a role in their respective energy needs into the future, providing WA, with its renewable energy resources, an opportunity to provide for these markets.

Last week, the CSIRO released a blueprint for the development of an economically and environmentally-sustainable hydrogen industry in Australia that it says will enable decarbonisation across the nation’s energy and industrial sectors.

According to the CSIRO’s report, the National Hydrogen Roadmap, the ongoing maturation of hydrogen technologies – now moving from research and development to market activation – presents Australia with a new export opportunity and could also play a significant role in enabling the further uptake of renewable energy.

State regional development minister Alannah MacTiernan said that WA, with its established infrastructure and supply chains, had a long history of exporting energy and resources to the world.

“To create renewable hydrogen, you need vast stretches of land and high-quality renewable energy resources – two things Western Australia has in abundance,” MacTiernan said.

“Now is the time to embrace this opportunity and drive forward the hydrogen industry and its place in WA –  to realise the thousands of jobs this industry could create.”

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