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VW announces $1K goodwill offer for USA customers

Volkswagen has announced a goodwill package for US owners of the company’s four-cylinder, 2.0 litre diesel vehicles affected by the emissions cheating scandal.

According to Reuters, owners of affected vehicles are eligible for a $US500 prepaid Visa card, a $US500 Volkswagen dealership card, and three years’ free roadside assistance. It applies to six different models of vehicles for the years between 2009 and 2015, including Jetta, Golf and Beetle.

A similar announcement is believed to be on the cards for Audi owners this Friday.

"We are working tirelessly to develop an approved remedy for affected vehicles," Volkswagen US chief executive Michael Horn said in a statement, according to the BBC.

"In the meantime we are providing this goodwill package as a first step towards regaining our customers' trust."

The offer will apply to approximately 482,000 owners in the USA, and does not cover V6 vehicles. Those who accept it will not relinquish any legal rights. Approximately 11 million cars worldwide are impacted by the cheating scandal, which used software to cheat lab emission tests for nitrous oxide emission levels.

To redeem the offer, customers must enter an ID number and mileage reading on the website.

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