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Victorian government’s move to decarbonise aviation

The Victorian state government has officially opened Dovetail Electric Aviation’s Development Centre in the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct, in the Latrobe Regional Airport.

An Australian-first electric aircraft development centre will be established in Gippsland as the state government announce they are backing local aviation and clean energy sectors to create highly skilled jobs and decarbonise aviation.

Minister for jobs and industry Natalie Hutchins said, “We’re backing the clean energy sector and AAM supply chain to create more highly skilled jobs and training opportunities as we lead the nation in decarbonising aviation.”

Dovetail will retrofit regional aircraft with batteries and hydrogen propulsion, enabling zero-emission flights. The state government announced this will lessen the environmental impact of air travel and boost the local clean energy sector.

Minister for economic growth Tim Pallas said, “Securing Dovetail Electric Aviation’s footprint in the Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct is another win for AAM in Victoria and our clean energy economy – it will make a valuable contribution to our state’s research and development sector.”

To reduce the carbon footprint of regional air transport, Dovetail will convert traditional turbine-powered aircraft into electric power by incorporating battery technologies and hydrogen fuel cells. Dovetail’s new centre will include research and development and potential flight testing.

Dovetail Electric Aviation chief executive officer David Doral said, “We are honoured to receive the support of the Victorian Government which will enable Dovetail to accelerate our R&D efforts, bringing us closer to our vision of a sustainable, efficient, and accessible aviation future.”

In the announcement the State government stated around 90-highly skilled new jobs in Victoria will be created over the next five years.

Latrobe Aerospace Technology Precinct is a flexible use Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) launchpad which enables AAM supply chain companies, from startup to established global companies, to prove and develop their innovations in Victoria.

The Victorian Government’s AAM Industry Vision Statement outlines a plan to develop industries like clean aviation, renewables, advanced manufacturing and digital technology that will create jobs of the future and drive sustainable economic growth.

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