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Vic-China collaboration for industrial air filtration

A technology to reduce air pollution created through industrial manufacturing is the subject of a joint research partnership between Deakin University and Jiangsu BOHN Environmental protection Science & Technology Company.

Using solar technology that is 10 times more efficient than what is currently available, the system uses filtering technology to clean the air emitted in manufacturing processes.

The research and product development partnership is a result of Victoria’s sister-state program with Jiangsu Province, of which Nanjing is the capital. As part of the sister-state agreement, the Victoria-Jiangsu Program for Technology and Innovation R&D Program (VIC-JS TECH) is open to organisations to collaborate on projects with the support of up to $200,000 in funding. Programs can span biotechnology, new medicine and medical devices, new generation ICT, clean technology and environmental protection, food and fibre industries, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace industries.

“Our relationship with Jiangsu Province has grown over 40 years to become a genuine partnership fostering research, development, commerce and friendship,” said Victorian Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Trade, Martin Pakula.

To support collaboration between Victoria and China, Victoria operates a number of trade and investment offices, including in Nanjing.

The two state governments also recently signed a renewed Technology and Innovation Agreement to continue efforts to work closely together.

“We want to encourage more collaboration between our states, connecting our respective tech and innovation economies,” said Pakula.

Victoria’s partnership with China also extends to the Belt and Road Initiative, which enables companies to quickly forge international connections.

“Ultimately these developments will provide jobs and higher standards of living in Victoria and Jiangsu and those are worthwhile ambitions in anyone’s language,” said Pakula.

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