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Versatile automatic vertical saws

POWER Machinery has introduced the MEP Tiger 370 CNC LR sawing machine. As well as being capable of automatically feeding material to the appropriate length it is versatile to use in semi-automatic mode cutting 45° left to 60° right.

MEP Tiger 370 CNC LR sawing machine.

With a controlled axis multi-microprocessor, these CNC machines can cut up to 32 different lengths and quantities on the one length of material. Optionally customers can fit the CB 6001 chute-loading magazine, so a whole pack of material can be left unattended to cut.

The controller can display 48 characters on 16 lines, the unit has an LCD display that shows important information such as number of cuts programmed, blade speed/thickness, feed length in each stroke, cutting time, amps being drawn by the motor as well as a raft of diagnostics, and caution messages.

Complete safety guards around the machine with ‘timed access’ prevents access during work cycles to increase safety. If a door has somehow been opened, an alarm with flashing light warns the operator.

These covers also reduces operating noise and allows the large volumes of coolant to be used to continually wash the working area and blades of swarf. This liquid is pumped to the cutting area at 120 litres/minute.

The control panel, with its LCD display and touch-tone polyester membrane keypad and tactile thermo-shaped buttons, directly sets the head stroke according to the dimensions of the material.

Approximately 80 different auto-diagnostic messages protect and warn against various electro-mechanical problems, while automatic comparison of data obtain and set the correct cutting parameters.

The single speed motor powers the blade via an electronic infinitely variable control. This allows the operator to set the RPM precisely to material type and dimension. The cutting head moves vertically on double linear guides via preloaded slides and recirculating ball bearings.

With degree markings cut into the rotating table and a central rotation pin with preloaded thrust bearing the operator can easily swivel the head according to the cutting angle required.

The machine comes standard with a 1000mm bar feeder which is positioned by a precision ball screw. The Tiger 370 CNC LR can precisely cut more than one bar at a time while the feeder carriage with a sideways movement can accommodate bars that a slightly bent or deformed.

As an optional extra the machine can quickly set up with a motorised chip conveyer. This is particularly useful if companies are cutting high volumes of solid bar which generate a great deal of swarf.

Diameters for round solid bar range from 50-120mm, while cross-sectional dimensions for height are 50-110mm and breadth 50-180mm. Tube equivalents are diameters 50-100mm, and cross-sectional dimensions for height are 90-100mm and breadth 90-180mm.

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