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VEGA’s world of pressure

Discover how VEGA, a pressure sensor technology manufacturer, has served diverse industries worldwide with its reliable solutions and commitment to customer service.

From humble beginnings in Germany to expanding horizons in Australia and beyond, explore how the company continues to innovate and shape the future of pressure monitoring.

VEGA, a family-owned company, was established in 1959 in Germany’s Black Forest.

Initially, the company focused on the development and production of electrical switches for level control in industrial applications.

Image: VEGA

Over the years, VEGA expanded its product range to include various types of sensors and instrumentation for measuring level, pressure, density, and flow in industrial processes.

Throughout the 1970s, VEGA consolidated its position as a reliable supplier of level measurement instruments, primarily serving the local German market.

In the 1980s, VEGA embarked on a significant phase of international expansion, establishing subsidiaries and sales offices in various countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The company eventually expanded to Australia in 1987, initially based in Brook Vale, then relocating to Kirrawee in 2000, and finally to Caringbah in 2019.

Specialising in level, pressure, and radiation instrumentation, VEGA’s entire product lifecycle, from R&D to manufacturing, is conducted in Germany.

Within the Australian market, VEGA Australia focuses on sales, service, support, and training.

“We deal in level pressure and radiation instrumentation. From there, all our product development, R&D, and manufacturing is done in Germany,” said John Leadbetter, Senior Managing Director at VEGA Australia.

Leadbetter explained that VEGA recognised global market potential and expanded to 28 countries from its German origins. Australia was identified as a key market due to its unique needs, particularly in mining.

“VEGA saw that as a great potential, as well as with every other daughter company, what they’ve done is looked at the potential of each country and decided at that stage, whether it’s worth pursuing to open up in their own right, or to leave it as a distributorship arrangement,” he said.

“We are a global company, but our presence depends on the markets and the availability of opportunity within those countries.”

Leadbetter said that the manufacturing of VEGA’s products is exclusively conducted in Europe to maintain the consistency of German manufacturing standards.

“Although Australia offers advantages, such as a potential market, it’s ultimately economically unfeasible to manufacturer here and it would impact competitiveness,” he said.

The world of pressure

VEGA offers a comprehensive range of pressure instrumentation including gauge pressure transmitters, differential pressure sensors (both conventional and electronic), and hydrostatic pressure sensors.

“From gauge pressure transmitters to electronic differential pressure sensors, we offer a full portfolio of pressure,” said Leadbetter.

“We also offer factory automation pressure or what they call a simplistic pressure, and that will be tied in with other communication devices within the units themselves used a lot in the factory automation.”

VEGA’s pressure solutions cater to various applications such as measuring pipe pressure, slurry levels, or ball depth in ball fields.

“Whether it’s measuring the pressure of a pipe, or the level of a slurry in the hopper, or the depth of a ball with the ball fields, we have a device that would suit pretty much all types of applications,” said Leadbetter.

VEGA provides fittings and approvals for industries like food, pharmaceuticals, offshore, chemical, and water, ensuring compliance and suitability for diverse monitoring systems across 14 main industries.

“We ensure compliance and reliability in critical industries like food and pharmaceuticals,” said Leadbetter.

“Our pressure instrumentation comes equipped with the necessary certifications and approvals for use in Australia, including food-grade and ship approvals.

“Additionally, we provide a range of specialised fittings tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.”

Leadbetter explained that VEGA is committed to improving and innovating it’s offering.

“Seven years ago, we introduced Bluetooth communication across our range, and now we’re focusing on IoT integration,” he said.

“We’re constantly developing our instrumentation, incorporating new features, and staying abreast of industry trends. Whether it’s wireless communication, Ethernet, or other protocols, we’re committed to keeping pace with market demands.”

One of their latest products, the VEGAPULS 42, offers precise non-contact level measurement for simple to moderate applications.

It’s an optimal sensor for non-contact level measurement in straightforward to moderate scenarios, accurately gauging liquids, and bulk solids.

It’s optional universal connection for hygienic adapters minimises installation complexity and inventory management, meeting the stringent standards of hygienic processes in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Simultaneously, the VEGAPULS 42’s IO-Link capability ensures seamless, uninterrupted digital data transmission.

Reliability and customer service

VEGA differentiates itself in the market by prioritising reliability, customer service, and adaptability to individual client needs.

“When you’re talking about competition, it’s not just the price of the instrument, there’s also the availability, compatibility with it with the requirement of approvals, there’s a support and service, there’s training,” said Leadbetter.

With 38 years of presence in Australia, they offer repair facilities, local stock, and knowledgeable technicians to support customers effectively.

The team at VEGA Australia ultimately prides themselves on two key pillars: being German-made, synonymous with high quality, and prioritising exceptional customer service.

They understand the importance of reliability and support for their clientele and strive to exceed expectations in both product quality and customer care.

Leadbetter explained that VEGA operates with honesty as its guiding principle, ensuring transparent communication with clients.

“We prioritise honesty above all else in how we operate,” he said.

“If we can’t deliver on something, we’re upfront about it. If an order will take eight weeks, that’s what we communicate; we don’t promise miracles.

“It’s essential to be completely transparent with clients, even if it means potentially losing an order due to delivery issues. In the end, our clients appreciate dealing with an honest company.”

Providing a bespoke service

VEGA’s success stems from understanding and meeting the unique needs of various industries, such as water, oil, gas, mining, food, and chemical.

They prioritise building long-term relationships by providing not just instruments, but comprehensive solutions tailored to each client’s requirements.

“Ensuring a long-term relationship with clients comes down to understanding what they’re looking for providing a good service, a good product,” said Leadbetter.

VEGA’s reputation for reliability, support, and service is bolstered by their willingness to personally engage with customers across vast distances in Australia. Their commitment to one-on-one sales reflects a genuine care for their clients’ success.

“We believe in selling solutions, not just instruments, by actively engaging with customers to understand their needs and provide the best options available,” said Leadbetter.

“Our commitment to personalised service is reflected in our willingness to travel extensive distances to meet with clients face-to-face, demonstrating our dedication to reliability and support.”

VEGA endeavours to ensure that all their customers, including major players, contractors, resellers, and wholesalers, receive equal support and attention.

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