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Vaulta and Quickstep sign MoU

Vaulta, the new Australian battery casing technology company based in Brisbane and Quickstep Holdings Limited, Australia’s largest independent aerospace advanced composites manufacturer, today announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The two Australian companies will seek to combine Vaulta’s advanced cell casing technology with Quickstep’s manufacturing capability and market reach to develop new products and capabilities for the high growth market in electric-powered land and air vehicles.

Vaulta is seeking to create a shift in battery casing technology that significantly reduces cost, complexity, weight and space in all vehicle types, while greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

Vaulta founder Dominic Spooner said, “The work Quickstep is doing in aerospace is all about lighter and better vehicles and we are looking forward to matching our innovative casing system with their new projects. We love designing and building the new casings that help fulfil the visions of those forging new capabilities, particularly in defence and aerospace.”

“The work we are doing at Vaulta will support Quickstep with specially-created battery casings that are intended to be significantly lighter and stronger. Our casings are also designed to reduce waste and contain more reusable parts,” Spooner added.

Mark Burgess, CEO of Quickstep said, “Consumers and the wider market are showing a stronger interest in electric vehicles and electric flight, and to cater for this we need more sophisticated systems in battery casings. We identified this as a segment that we wanted to focus more on, as it is an important opportunity across the markets we operate in. We are proud to be working with an exciting Australian start-up and have already commenced working on our first customer proposal with the Vaulta team.”

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