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US steel producers file dumping charges against China

Seven US producers of tubular steel products have petitioned the US Dept. of Commerce and the federal International Trade Commission to impose penalties on oil-country tubular goods imports from China.

The case involves an estimated $US 2.7 billion worth of imported goods used for drilling and extracting oil and natural gas.

Imports of steel pipe from China rose from 900,000 tons in 2007 to 2.2 million tons in 2008.

Four other cases have been brought by US producers versus China in past two years, all involving tubular and pipe products.

The domestic petitioners were generally successful in those cases, though the penalties have varied.

The new petition is said to be one of the largest trade-violation cases ever filed in the US versus China, and may be followed by more complaints brought by the domestic steel industry against that country.

The seven producers are US Steel Corp., Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel, TMK Ipsco, V&M Star LLP, V&M TCA, Maverick Tube Corp., and Wheatland Tube Co. The United Steelworkers union also joined the petition.

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