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US dairy export subsidies slammed

The move to reintroduce dairy export subsidies in the US have been slammed by Heather Ridout Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group.

“The US Government’s decision to reintroduce dairy export subsidies is a backward step and a bad day for global trade,” Ridout said.

The US has revived its Dairy Export Incentive Program, last used in 2004, following a European direct export subsidy reintroduced earlier this year.

“At this time of global economic turmoil, when the world most urgently needs to keep international trade flows open, a return to protectionist policies of the past will only delay the global recovery,” Ridout said.

“We urge global trade policy makers to take a step back and avoid the reflex to retaliate by imposing further subsidies.

“Global industry would be deeply concerned if decisions, such as this, lead to a descent into the implementation of more protectionist measures and the inevitable retaliation which would follow.

“This disappointing decision by the US Government to renew its dairy export subsidies, contradicts the resolve and commitment made by Leaders at the G20 Summit in April,” Ridout said.

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