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Upgraded StruxureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA software

Schneider Electric has released of StruxureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA, an open software platform enabling efficient management and optimisation of remote assets.

‘We continue to improve on the user experience and provide functionality based on our customers’ needs,’ said Colin Walker, ClearSCADA Software Product Manager at Schneider Electric. ‘Template expressions save engineers time during implementation, alarm summaries help pinpoint maintenance issues faster, and the seamless integration with a tier-2 historian facilitates data accessibility across the entire enterprise.’

These functionalities are part of a software platform that is designed to lower the overall operating costs of remote assets while providing a complete, comprehensive overview of site operations. Other features include:

  • Enhanced WebX User Interface – Process information is available anytime, anywhere through any device with HTML5 cross-browser support for trends, alarm lists, event lists, and queries.
  • Extended Integration of Telemetry Hardware – Enhanced integration with the RealfloTM software, a flow measurement application, now including support for Realflo Liquids 6.91, plus native support for well-known 3rd Party Flow Computers via a new O&G EFM Driver suite.
  • Increased System Security – A substantial increase in security features includes enhanced user account security, auditing of the system security through a dedicated security event list, and dedicated security logging queries.

By providing remote configuration capabilities and collecting data from multiple ClearSCADA systems into a central enterprise repository, ClearSCADA software helps reduce costs while providing crucial, business-relevant data across all operational levels.

The combination of templated configuration and object-based architecture simplifies scalability for O&G and W&WW installations, while also establishing a relevant system for the entire system life cycle. With the increasing regulatory compliance, ClearSCADA software helps provide continued operations and uses integrated tools that maintain the integrity of data records, even in the event of interrupted field communications.

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