‘Up-skilling’ our future: A Manufacturers’ Monthly Leaders Summit event

OVER the years I’ve spent writing for the manufacturing industry, it has become clear to me that our Manufacturers’ Monthly readers are all advocates of skills retention, training and development – because they realise the importance of keeping Australia’s manufacturing industry thriving in the future. 

However, there seems to be a ‘disconnect’ between what they’d like to do and what they can do to solve the problem of recruitment. 

So, the team at Manufacturers’ Monthly will be holding a Leaders Summit (aka ‘Roundtable) event during National Manufacturing Week (NMW 2012), focusing on the topic: Recruiting the next generation of manufacturers. 

We all know we have to raise awareness of manufacturing jobs if we want to get young, skilled workers into the industry, but how do we do it? 

The Leaders Summit will gather together up to 30 spokespeople from different areas of the industry who will come up with a framework to ensure fresh blood continues to pulse in our sector. 

The Summit will take place on the morning of 8 May, from 10am to around midday, and lunch and refreshments will be served. 

I will be personally inviting important people from Government, Unions, Manufacturers, Vendors, Education and Industry Representative Groups, to come up with a framework to tackle the problem – a ‘recommendation’, if you will. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover are: Getting Kids Interested; Manufacturing Industry’s Bad Image; Education & Courses; Apprenticeships; Upskilling; Skills Moving to Mining; and the Ageing Workforce. 

This Recommendation will be published in Manufacturers’ Monthly, on our website, and will be distributed to Unis, TAFEs, Government Departments, Vendors, and more.

Part of the ‘plan’ will be revisiting this topic in future issues of the magazine and on our website; a renewed focus on rewarding young people through our Young Manufacturer of the Year award at the annual Endeavour Awards; and a new ‘Jobs’ page in our print publication, showcasing a snapshot of great manufacturing jobs on offer (to supplement our weekly Jobs e-newsletter which goes out on Thursdays).

If you haven’t signed-up to our jobs newsletter, or indeed our daily e-newsletter – which also features an array of manufacturing jobs, every day – you can sign-up for free here

If you don’t receive an invite, but you believe you could add something valuable to the conversation, please contact me at sarah.falson@reedbusiness.com.au with the title ‘Roundtable’ in the subject header. I’m really committed to keeping our manufacturing workforce ‘skilled’, and I believe you all are, too. 

Endeavour Awards  

Another really important element of this project is our 9th Annual Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards, for which we are still accepting entries (closing 27 February)! The Awards recognise leadership and excellence local manufacturers have shown over the past year – so don’t miss out on your chance to be congratulated in front of your peers.

The Endeavour Awards is a great way to build morale, so enter your project or new product today, as time is running out! 

The following categories are open for submissions: 

Technology Application of the Year: For successful applications of new technology in manufacturing processes. 

Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year: For innovative new consumer/trade products. 

Australian Industrial Product of the Year: For innovative new industrial products. 

Australian Steel Innovation Award: For innovative products or projects using Australian-made steel. 

Exporter of the Year: For companies who are successfully entering or developing an export market with a new or existing locally-made product. 

Environmental Solution of the Year: For successful implementation of solutions designed to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing operations. 

Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award: Recognises manufacturers who have made a significant achievement in productivity, competitiveness or innovative capability since completing their Enterprise Connect Business Review and Tailored Advisory Service project(s). (This award is for Enterprise Connect clients only.) 

Global Integration Award: For companies who are successfully engaged in global supply chains.  

Safety Scheme of the Year: For the successful implementation of schemes to improve safety in manufacturing plants. 

Young Manufacturer of the Year: For the rising starts of Australia’s next generation of manufacturers. 

Lifetime Achievement Award: Designed to recognise a person who has made a significant individual contribution to Australia’s manufacturing industry. 

Female Manufacturer of the Year (new category): The Female Manufacturer of the Year category was developed to showcase the importance of females in today’s manufacturing sector. Entrants should illustrate how women of any age, at any level in manufacturing, have affected positive change in manufacturing processes, management, and training or skills development in Australia. 

Most Innovative Manufacturing Company: The Most Innovative Company Award is designed to recognise a manufacturer or supplier in Australia that has thought ‘outside the box’ to implement a new business idea. This could be shown in the form of new, pioneering technology, superior service to customers, or added value to Australia’s manufacturing sector. This category rewards Australian companies for ingenuity and farsightedness. 

Send your entries to our awards coordinator, Madeline Prince, at madeline.prince@reedbusiness.com.au or phone 02 9422 2759. The entry form can be downloaded from www.manmonthly.com.au/awards 

If you’d like to speak to me about the Endeavour Awards or the Roundtable, contact me on 02 9422 2480.

Let’s work together to ensure the future of Australian manufacturing is a skilled one!


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