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UNSW connects Australian research with Chinese manufacturing

UNSW’s Torch research roadshow has made three stops in China in May leading to two new collaborations between Australian researchers and Chinese manufacturers.

Meeting enterprises, technology transfer platforms and investment institutions in Yixing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the researchers from the Sydney-based university obtained two new industry partnerships while in China.

The Torch events will reportedly enable further international collaboration between manufacturing minds in Australia and China through knowledge exchange and industry collaboration.

A joint R&D centre will be established between the UNSW Centre for Transformational Environment Technologies (CTET) and robotics engineering company Shanghai Acrobotics. The centre will focus on developing robotic operating systems and will be led by professor Claude Sammut. The partnership aims to create user-friendly interfaces for human-robot interactions.

“Torch is helping us better prepare for the future by advancing new research frontiers, and more effectively translating that research into real-world impact,” said professor Ian Jacobs, president and vice-chancellor of UNSW.

The Torch program also led to a collaboration between UNSW and Beijing-based manufacturer Goldwind Environmental Protection (Goldwind EP). First announced in November last year, the partnership will lead to the development of desalination technology for remote villages in Xinjiang province.

These partnerships between Australian researchers and overseas manufacturers enable education institutions such as UNSW to create avenues for the commercialisation of their research, through access to capital and markets.

“Delivering transforming and enduring global impact from UNSW knowledge, capability and new technologies can only be achieved through a generous spirit of partnership with end users in Australia and across borders,” said Warwick Dawson, director of knowledge exchange at UNSW.

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