New UNSW course equips people to work in robotics and AI world

A new University of New South Wales (UNSW) online course arms employees and businesses to work in a rapidly evolving world affected by artificial intelligence (AI), big data and robotics.

As technologies evolve at an exponential rate, businesses and employees need tools to design a secure future amidst disruptions to contemporary work practices, the university explained.

In early December, AMP and UNSW Sydney launched the course called “Designing the Future of Work”.

The free online course shares insights and lessons from AMP’s innovation and ideas program Amplify.

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Global thought leaders including Author of Work to Learn Heather McGowan, Singularity University innovation lecturer Ramez Naam, and Callaghan Innovation chair Sue Suckling will provide detailed insights on how technology will shape the workforce and workplace of the future, the role of humans in this new world, and how to translate this into business design.

Course leader Simon McIntyre, who is an associate dean in education at UNSW Sydney Art and Design, said the course investigates design strategies that businesses can adopt to find new opportunities in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

“The course shows how people can predict the probable changes that might occur in their own work in the future. It also provides design strategies to cope with this change and maximise the potential that these technologies bring for themselves or their business.

“By working with leading futurists and business innovators from AMP Amplify, we were able to bring both academic and practical perspectives to give learners real world examples and strategies to help them become predictive, adaptive, and secure in their own work futures,” said McIntyre.

During the four-week course, students will learn effective design thinking strategies from leading UNSW Art and Design academics and examine case studies from business and service design perspectives that demonstrate how design can transform business processes to become more adaptive to and predictive of technological and social change.

Students will also hear directly from participants in AMP’s Amplify program who share personal insights and advice about how to develop attributes and skills to safeguard an advantage in the workplace of the future.

AMP director of culture, leadership and diversity, Chloe Hawcroft, said AMP was proud to be expanding our innovation and ideas program into online learning.

“Through Amplify, we bring global thought leaders to AMP offices to share their insights with our partners, clients, customers and employees.

“Now we have the opportunity to share these global insights with a broader audience and equip participants to prepare themselves and their businesses with practical tools for the future,’ said Hawcroft.