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Unionised Forgacs workers on strike again

Another round of industrial action by the AMWU is underway at shipbuilder Forgacs, with workers meeting today at Hexham and striking over the company’s wage offer.

The AMWU’s Daniel Wallace told the Newcastle Herald that the union has told Forgacs there will be three 24-hour strikes, starting today at 6 am.

The union has proposed a 3.5 per cent wage increase for the next two years, followed by a 3.75 per cent raise in the third for its workers.

The ABC reports that the AMWU also wants a nine-day fortnight.

"We would have liked the company to commit to the nine-day fortnight for the length of the agreement," Wallace told the ABC.

"If workers are going to accept a lesser wage increase to have better hours of work they want to make sure that it is secured in the agreement."

Today’s strike follows industrial action involving 750 workers over two shifts on May 22nd, timed to interrupt a shipment of barge hulls for the Air Warfare Destroyer project.

Forgacs has said it has made an improved offer and is disappointed with the strike. 

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