New lithium batteries to be deployed by UK

Photo: MARTAC'S MANTAS line of Unmanned Surface Vehicles

The UK’s Ministry of Defence will soon deploy a line of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), utilising an advanced lithium-ion battery developed by C4V.

The Australian lithium-ion battery manufacturer Magnis Energy Technologies, which owns 10 per cent of C4V, said that the batteries have been created using BMLMP cathode technology data projecting a battery life of 11,000 cycles based on charge retainment of 98.5 per cent at 760 cycles.

“The results of the tests conducted by our partner C4V for MARTAC, further confirms the quality of the technology available to Magnis, particularly in terms of extended battery life over 30 years through daily charge discharge cycles, plus durability in harsh environments. These benefits will be promoted in Australia and elsewhere as Magnis proceeds through the ramp up of our financing, manufacturing and supply phases,” Magnis managing director, Les Hosking, said.

American USV manufacturer MARTAC has been collaborating with  American battery manufacturer C4V for two years to demonstrate the efficacy the batteries. C4V is also working on projects for electric buses, cars, planes and boats.

“Most importantly, the technical capabilities in combination with a commercially viable business model allow C4V to work closely with various OEMs to validate technology by supplying commercial size products built with a robust and qualified supply chain,” C4V president, Shailesh Upreti, said.