Big Blue Pro reduces risks for welders

Image Credit: Welding Industries Australia

Welding Industries Australia (WIA) has released the Miller Big Blue 400x Pro, a product designed to lessen the challenges that welding operators face on site.

The compact size and lighter weight of the engine-driven welder translates to a smaller footprint and greater manoeuvrability, making it ideal for construction.

Fuhai Liu, WIA’s product and sales manager for End Markets, said the product has already been met with enthusiasm from customers due to its transportability and uses ArcReach technologies, including its remote-control feature.

“It is a reliable, low-speed, industrial engine-driven welding machine that has a small working footprint and is easy to transport on site or from one site to another,” said Fuhai.

The Big Blue 400x has the ability to change welding settings at the site rather than at the machine. Fuhai also points out that ArcReach will improve job productivity, save costs, and can safeguard the quality of a weld.

“In a construction context, you may be 100 metres or so from the engine drive welder. If you add up all those trips made to the welding power source, that’s time that would be better spent on welding. It also means you run the risk of tripping on cables and cords across the job site,” Fuhai said.

“Importantly, ArcReach gives you complete control over your settings. It locks the panel on the welding machine so nobody else can adjust your parameters. This is really important in terms of ensuring weld quality and also in terms of compliance. If the parameters have been changed and the weld no longer meets the job requirements, it will have to be re-done. That costs time and money.”

Other notable features of the Big Blue 400x include:

  • Kubota heavy duty low-speed industrial engine: designed to operate for more than 10,000 hours before a first maintenance overhaul
  • Superior arc performance: four pre-set DIG settings (stick), Hot Start (stick), and Lift-Arc TIG with Auto-Stop and Crater-out MIG/FCAW arc performance
  • Quite operation
  • Auto remote sense: Detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch
  • Three-year Miller warranty.