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Unauthorised ‘Anzac’ coin being investigated

Souvenir coin maker Macquarie Mint has landed itself in trouble because of the design and marketing of its commemorative ‘Anzac’ coin.

AAP reports that the coin in question, which marks the centenary of the Gallipoli landing, features the rising sun logo. In addition marketing material for the coin uses the word ‘Anzac’ to describe the coin.

However, the rising sun logo and the word ‘Anzac’ are protected by the Department of Defence and the Department of Veterans Affairs, respectively. It is illegal to use them without permission and Macquarie Mint has not been granted such permission.

A Department of Veterans' Affairs spokesman told the ABC, "Macquarie Mint does not have permission to use the word 'Anzac' for this purpose, and was contacted on 21 April 2015 regarding its use in the letter."

And a defence spokesman told the ABC that “the Rising Sun badge may not to be renamed, cropped, manipulated or edited in any way, used in part or overlayed with another image”.

The maximium penalty for using the word ‘Anzac’ without permission is $51,000.

A Macquarie Mint spokesman said in a statement that all marketing material featuring images of the coin and the word ‘Anzac’ will be stopped.

According to the company’s website, the coin is official Legal Tender of Kiribati and is the equivalent of A$10.

Image: Macquarie Mint

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