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U.S. yoghurt brand expands in Aussie market

Hamdi Ulukaya, the sole owner of Chobani, the highest-selling yogurt brand in the U.S., who is investing heavily in Australia, has been named one of the world's newest billionaires.

According to the recent Bloomberg billionaries index the company is valued at $US1.1 billion.

Ulukaya, dubbed the “Steve Jobs of yoghurt” by Forbes magazine, has taken his business from five to more than 1000 employeeswithin just seven years.

Chobani has recently invested about $30 million in a greek yoghurt factory in Melbourne, Australia, the SMH reports.

“Greek yoghurt uses about triple the amount of milk compared to other yoghurts and the hope and expectation is that this will change the local milk consumption drastically,” Peter Meek, Managing Director for Bead Foods, which is launching Chobani Greek yoghurt in the Australian market, told Food Magazine.

Meek told Food Magazine that the company was looking to source Australian milk for the product, to support local farmers.

It  bought a dairy plant in Dandenong South to produce Chobani products for the first time outside the US.

Although the factory is already producing yoghurt but will officially open on December 5.

Approximately 50 employees have been employed so far at the Victorian yoghurt factory. 

''I think this Australian experience is going to open the door to us for the rest of the world,'' Ulukaya stated


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