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TV scientist explains engineering’s big ideas

Star of the MythBusters series and Netflix show White Rabbit Project, Grant Imahara, will continue his science and engineering engagement work with Mouser Electronics, explaining the next big ideas in engineering.

Imahara will lead the Empowering Innovation Together series: Engineering Big Ideas. In the series, Imahara breaks down a big idea, in this case, the innovation process, from start to finish.

In the most recent video, Imahara visits the Nikola Motor Company, known for its hybrid truck designs. Nikola announced last year that its hydrogen filling points would be installed in Australia by 2028.

In previous iterations of the series, Imahara has explored topics such as internet of things (IoT), robotics, smart cities, drones, and autonomous vehicles.

In the latest step in the project, the steps taken from inception to end product, often unsupported by the resources of large corporations, are investigated.

“The people who are changing our world are starting from an idea and bringing it all the way through to finished product with the power of their intellect, training, tools and available products,” said Imahara.

Mouser Electronics, the global distributor of semiconductors and electronics components, supports Imahara’s series, which demonstrates the potential of its products. For the company, the series offers a way to see where their products and components have been applied.

“We are inspired by the drive we see in our customers to continually create and improve the products, services and solutions that can transform our day-to-day lives,” said Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Mouser Electronics.

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