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TSA’s tyre waste procurement and stewardship to amplify manufacturing sector

Addressing the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Procurement Practices of Government Agencies, Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) emphasised the importance of government procurement and product stewardship in utilising Australia’s substantial annual tyre waste.

Overseeing the national Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme (TPSS), TSA aims to reduce the environmental impact of Australia’s 540,000 tonnes of used tyres annually.

They plan to do so by collaborating with industry stakeholders to promote sustainable practices and drive a circular economy through research, innovation, and investment.

TSA CEO, Lina Goodman, said the government must use the weight of its procurement power and product stewardship regulation to drive the investment needed to create jobs in the circular economy. 

This will in turn amplify Australia’s manufacturing sector and stimulate end markets for recycled products. 

“Progressive countries and governments have used the weight of government procurement and regulation to successfully create jobs and develop markets using recycled materials. Without proactive intervention, markets for recycled tyre products risk stagnation, ” said Goodman. 

“One Canadian-based rubber product manufacturer shared that its revenue increased tenfold due to government intervention in tyre product stewardship regulation. And in turn, created circular economy jobs, increased the local consumption of used tyre material, and created a thriving product line sold across North America.” 

Proposing practical solutions, Goodman urged the adoption of a product stewardship approach in government procurement that considers tyres’ lifecycle and overall impacts.

This includes mandating the use of crumb rubber in road asphalt, promoting tyre retreading in government fleets, and prioritising brands participating in Australia’s voluntary product stewardship scheme.

According to TSA, the new initiative not only bolsters the local employment rate but also fosters sustainability, ensuring that economic growth is balanced with environmental protection.

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