Transforming building and manufacturing with cutting-edge solutions

“The building and manufacturing sector is presently experiencing a challenging phase that imposes substantial pressures on workers and businesses – by harnessing Motion’s capabilities, customers can directly confront these issues, surmounting the challenges faced in this industry,” said Grant Gray, general manager – National Sales at Motion. 


In recent years, the building and manufacturing sector has encountered significant challenges, including skilled labour shortages, mounting inflationary pressures, and the push to adopt energy efficient solutions. Motion, a leading player in the industry, stands at the forefront, harnessing its capabilities to tackle these issues head on, through imparting knowledge and skills to those in the building and manufacturing industry.  


“The importance of educating the workforce, is paramount to the success of any manufacturing operation – given the shortages the industry is facing, a lot of the staff that are being employed aren’t as equipped as they should be,” says Grant.


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