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Training armour maker collaborates with VR platform

Combat training armour manufacturer, Chiron Global Technologies, has announced a partnership with Kinetic XR to simulate real combat for an integrated, immersive training capability.

The platform will take a virtual realty (VR) program developed by Kinetic XR and combine it with the armour made by Chiron.

This partnership will enable combat-like training for warfighters, as Chiron’s armour is designed to withstand high-impact forces and real, high-speed strikes to vital body targets, while maximising manoeuvrability.

According to Paul Cale, CEO of Kinetic XR, the partnership enables a true-to-life simulation of combat.

“With Chiron’s advanced armour capability, we are able to make our training as close to real combat as it gets. The armour is designed to withstand heavy impacts from blunt-force weapons and man-marking rounds, allowing us to simultaneously train personnel in both kinetic and non-kinetic techniques at extremely close quarters without causing injury,” said Cale.

Currently, Chiron’s armour has been tested by the Australian Army, NZ Navy, NZ Military Police, and the present announcement extends the capabilities of the training armour, as Chiron co-founder Justin Forsell, noted.

“The partnership with Kinetic is a great fit for Chiron. Paul and his team are extremely experienced in training for high-risk operations across all branches of Defence and Law Enforcement, and are the ideal partner to utilise our armour to improve current training outcomes. We have had significant feedback regarding the limitations of available training armour and have designed the Chiron-X1TM to address these issues,” said Forsell.

Integrated within Chiron’s armour is force-measurement sensor technology which can provide real-time feedback to trainers on the impact and damage that would result from each blow. This can enable the development of more effective training techniques.

“There is currently no other training armour that offers everything Chiron does. Add Kinetic XR’s immersive VR capabilities, and we can deliver an unparalleled level of realism. As a complete training package, this combination will reduce injuries in training and make personnel more effective in the field. Ultimately, it will save lives and resources down the line,” said Cale.

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