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TPP support in doubt

With the war of words between Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull about the Trans Pacific Partnership, Australia’s position on the support for the TPP looks to be increasingly unstable. The Labor party’s stance on the TPP is that since US president elect is probably not going to sign the TPP deal, Turnbull is just “wasting his time” with it and should be focussing on internal matters such as manufacturing and displaced workers in the ailing automotive industry.

Shorten told AFR that Turnbull should be “Standing up for Australian jobs, encouraging more apprenticeships, getting behind the metal manufacturing sector.”

He had refused to answer questions if the opposition in parliament will support the TPP stating that Turnbull should be focussing on matters “closer to home”. 

On the opposite end, Turnbull has had a go at Shorten calling him a “shallow populist” after Japan and Australia renewed their commitment to the 12 country pact, according to the AFR.

Meanwhile, The Business Council of Australia (BCA) backed Mr Turnbull with a BCA spokesperson saying that the TPP was “unambiguously” in Australia’s national interest. Conversely the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) reaffirmed its opposition of the TPP stating that it was a “deeply flawed agreement” and could cost up to 40,000 Australian jobs. 

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