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Toyota redundancies unacceptable, says Union

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has called the 350 redundancies at Toyota’s Altona, Victoria factory, “unacceptable”.

The AMWU was speaking-out against news this week that Toyota will make 350 ‘compulsory’ redundancies.

Union secretary – vehicle division, Ian Jones, said ‘enforced redundancies’ are against standard practice in the automotive sphere.

"Toyota seems to have this view about compulsory redundancies which we are going to have to dissuade them from," he told Workforce Daily.

"We haven’t had compulsory redundancies in the car industry in this country for two decades (other than a planned closure). We’re simply saying the enterprise agreement provides for voluntary, and it also provides for compulsory. 

“You’d think voluntary would be the first step, and then compulsory would be a step you may move to if you don’t get the requisite numbers under voluntary."

Toyota has refused to accept government funding to prop-up its ailing vehicle manufacturing operations, following news that Holden and Ford will both receive funding in the coming months.

The car-maker blamed the high Australian dollar and reduced export sales for the job losses.

AMWU’s Jones is reportedly seeking ‘an urgent meeting’ with Toyota Australia chief executive, Max Yasuda, to change the 350 compulsory redundancies to ‘voluntary’.

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